Alumni Spotlight

Kehinde Salau, Ph.D. - Senior Data Scientist, Cardinal Health (CAH)

is trained as an applied mathematician with experience building quantitative models to understand patterned and emergent phenomena from the life and social sciences and broad professional industries.

Currently, Kehinde is a Senior Data Scientist with Cardinal Health (CAH), where he develops and deploys Machine Learning (ML) models to detect and remediate errors in enterprise data across all business segments (medical, pharmaceutical, corporate, etc). Before CAH, Kehinde spent 5 years tackling data-rich problems as a statistical modeler and marketing data scientist with JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPMC), where he collaborated with fellow team members to help the firm make informed decisions about mortgage production and asset allocation via market volume sizing and forecasting, customer propensity models, and test design development.

Kehinde completed his graduated studies at Arizona State University (ASU) along with a 3-year Post-Doc at the University of Arizona (UA), and is eternally grateful for the mentorship and support he received from faculty and staff at both institutions throughout his academic tenure. 

Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities/Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation/Bridge to the Doctorate (Arizona State University)


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